sheereen perrin

multidisciplinary designer

always seeking unconventional playfulness in design.

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open house/open access.


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variegate; custom typeface designed for Open House Melbourne for the collective exhibition ‘Take Hold of The Clouds’— developed during the preliminary discovery of the true connect between art/design, wherein 3D form can be represented as a two-dimensional on-screen object.
        Each of the letterforms is shaped with black triplicate lines, like structural walls of a building. These outlines are discontinuous, disrupted by openings in the walls. Within the letterforms, small line segments cluster and mingle.

normal different.

research project

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normal different is a project dedicated to enhancing design inclusivity. It began as a practice-based research project asking: As communication designers, how can we easily incorporate inclusive design practices into our work?
        Over time, it has evolved into an online platform with its main objective of assisting communication designers in creating visually appealling web and print-based assets, while prioritising accessibility throughout their design process. Contained within is a self-narrated manifesto that explores advocacy, inspiration and awareness of our world’s challenges and how we can make it better through design.
        All sections delve briefly into key aspects of inclusive design practices discovered throughout this endeavour, accompanied by online resources that have contributed to this point, accessible to all.

the clouds are (not) impermanent.

experimental typography

the clouds are (not) impermanent; explores the conceptual nature of typography within a contextual framework. The publication is inspired by the work Cloud Studies by research agency Forensic Architecture, which makes light of and investigates the environmental impact and consequently the negative force on human beings through chemical warfare and disaster. Through text and photography, this publication endeavours to evoke emotion and feeling of elation that looking at the clouds can create: a contrast from what the emotions felt by people who have experienced the damage caused by toxic clouds.
        The design contains fluidity, movement and colour. These elements are reflective of a personal design aesthetic which intends to be viewed through diverse letterforms and contrasting colours, thus creating differing visible interpretations.

in/out sight.



in/out sight; an idiosyncratic publication of writings paying homage to unique thoughts, feelings & big emotions. The publication considers personal design aesthetic during a time of questioning one’s creative endeavours.
        Throughout the development of the publication, typographic design history provided context to the layout design and typeset choice (print-ready)highlighting how the act of emotional communication can be a defiant yet distinct statement in creativity.

thanking women.

poster design


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thanking women in design; the act of emphasising the importance of women in the field of designa typographic design which is feminine in its depiction, alongside its bold form to insinuate strength and empowerment. The poster was selected to be showcased at Siteworks (33 Saxon Street).
        The imperfection of the typeface designed aimed to highlight the topic of equality and representation of women in design. Theoretical research unearthed the understanding of social sciences’ stance on design: where sociological perspectives were introduced in the mid-1960’s as a resource into the rapid development of socio-cultural events and economic change. During the same time, an upheaval of women’s rights attention became not only a junction of female liberation and design, but also gave women in art and design a voice creatively and the opportunity to share their work with the world.

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