(1) normal different.

design research project

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normal different is a project dedicated to enhancing design inclusivity. It began as a practice-based research project asking: As communication designers, how can we easily incorporate inclusive design practices into our work?
        Over time, it has evolved into an online platform with its main objective of assisting communication designers in creating visually appealling web and print-based assets, while prioritising accessibility throughout their design process. Contained within is a self-narrated manifesto that explores advocacy, inspiration and awareness of our world’s challenges and how we can make it better through design.
        All sections delve briefly into key aspects of inclusive design practices discovered throughout this endeavour, accompanied by online resources that have contributed to this point, accessible to all.

(2) open house/open access.


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variegate; custom typeface designed for Open House Melbourne for the collective exhibition ‘Take Hold of The Clouds’— developed during the preliminary discovery of the true connect between art/design, wherein 3D form can be represented as a two-dimensional on-screen object.
        Each of the letterforms is shaped with black triplicate lines, like structural walls of a building. These outlines are discontinuous, disrupted by openings in the walls. Within the letterforms, small line segments cluster and mingle.

(3) mesoscale.

exhibition publication
mesoscale 2022; a publication co-developed & designed for the Master of Communication Design program. The 2022 student cohort were asked to use no more than 10 words to describe their experience within the program.
        The publication is created using a digital screen printing technique (risograph printing). Personally responsible for copywriting, layout design & communal team repertoire.

begins with excitement & wonder, advances through research & discovery, and ends with valuable knowledge, social engagement and a master’s degree. expressions of our learning can be found here; between the chaos of our beloved studio & our collective creativity—this is mesoscale in 2022.



(4) asymmetrie.


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asymmetrie. is a collection of essays and articles by designers, students and academics. The overarching theme is in collaboration with modernism situated within a typographic framework— where the functionality of typography is paramount to its purposefulness in and for design. Throughout the development of the publication, design history provides context to asymmetric typography— highlighting how it acts as means of communication, as too, a defiant statement in creativity.
        This publication is an ode to art and design’s common denominator; rhythmic expression. Through the use of serif and sans serif type, coupled with colour, this conceptual publication allows asymmetry to flourish; a sentiment which is a semblant and transparent facet explored through observing typography’s history and present, as well as its future.


(5) thanking women.

poster design

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thanking women in design; the act of emphasising the importance of women in the field of designa typographic design which is feminine in its depiction, alongside its bold form to insinuate strength and empowerment. The poster was selected to be showcased at Siteworks (33 Saxon Street).
        The imperfection of the typeface designed aimed to highlight the topic of equality and representation of women in design. Theoretical research unearthed the understanding of social sciences’ stance on design: where sociological perspectives were introduced in the mid-1960’s as a resource into the rapid development of socio-cultural events and economic change. During the same time, an upheaval of women’s rights attention became not only a junction of female liberation and design, but also gave women in art and design a voice creatively and the opportunity to share their work with the world.